Hi James, Thank you Thank you Thank you!! I have finally finished my book about walking the Camino de Santiago and working on the editing step (I’ve sent an email to Nils too, we’ll see what happens!). I wasn’t sure to self publish or sell it via a publishing house, but from what I’ve heard is that if the ph doesn’t give you a marketing budget, that you are better off doing it yourself. The advice above is so timely for me as well as informative and absolutely key in helping me make some decisions, so again thank you! My second edition is just now on Amazon Createspace. First edition in 07 came through Authorhouse because I didn’t know any better. After reading this article, I think I need to start smoking cigarettes and will buy a pack of American Spirits. My first edition DID get included in Wikipedia Travelogue section on Che Guevara’s life. Also with THIS edition, as an inspired musician, I have 7 tracks of “Mantra Music” on ReverbNation that are topping the charts in the spiritual music genre locally, nationally and globally and am going to offer a free download of one of my songs with the purchase of the book. It’s on Kindle as well. I have no fears of public speaking. Although my book, THE CHE DIARIES is on an obscure, seemingly paranormal experience resulting in the spiritual expansion of ME, my platform is to inspire and uplift all us middle aged folks who’s kids are grown and they gave up on whatever their passions were, or forgot about them totally. I have the coolest website promoting and showcasing all the arts I am involved with. It’s not that I’m ADD/OCD and high spectrum autistic (no wait, I AM all these things!!!!) …. I can’t help it…..I breath, therefore I am inspired and create!!!! I am overwhelmed at all these expensive hoops I am yet to jump through……..S.O.S.H.E.L.P. Smart glasses can potentially replace a number of gadgets ranging from cameras to TV’s. Note: Select standard or two-day shipping if you want this item to arrive by Christmas. Other products, items, or accessories that are not part of the product listing; only include exactly what the customer is buying Amazon’s ban has not cut down on paid reviews so much as pushed them into the shadows, say sellers and researchers. They have traditionally been a popular seller among homeowners of all ages. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1,887 Module W3 Resources This book will focus on Amazon FBA, and the main goal behind the curtains, which is product sourcing. The book will take you through a basic understanding of Chinese culture in order to create a successful international business relationship by searching the right way to find an excellent factory. Additionally, it will touch on the main business factor - guanxi - in order to empower yourself by successfully approaching large Chinese factories. Your knowledge of critical aspects of Amazon FBA will be greatly improved. Topics include: Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style New technology has created health benefits that have made air purifiers a consistent seller on amazon. Do you think I should go for professional publishing as you explained as it would cost me big amount of money, which I hesitate to do at this time. My feeling is I should go for self-publishing. Bourboning In order to make money, an item that’s profitably priced and easy to ship still must be in-demand and easily found by Amazon shoppers. Here are key factors that indicate whether or not a product has enough demand, and not too much competition, to be profitable. We’ll explain these key points in further detail below: best selling items on amazon

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