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Again, some items will be different than others. For instance I looked into selling LED lighting that attaches to the sides of buildings, and the margins looked great, but the MOQ ended up being somewhere around $5,000 of lights due to the purpose of the item (to run down entire high rise buildings). I skipped over that one. You can enter a list of criteria such as must be priced over $100 and have 50+ reviews into the software and it returns HUGE lists of products which match. Who Buys Speaker Stands Some of the most profitable food items are perceived as more healthy than the alternatives on the market. Health-conscious consumers are willing to fork over their cash to live a healthier life. And items that are perceived as healthy change based on new research and studies – something you can use to jump in on the beginning of a profitable trend. February 09, 2018 Victoria's Secret Gift Card 55 17 $0.00 11.88% $73.30 2.35 315 Madison Avenue, 24th Floor You really can't go wrong with a good candle.Paddywax candle, $32, Amazon Knowledge@Wharton Partners Instagram It-Girl Diana Veras takes us through her go-to, everyday look– plus the extra step she adds to take the look up a notch and make her eyes pop. Images must have white backgrounds and cannot contain inset images, watermarks, or unauthorized content. They have multiple applications and can be used as a sander as well as a cutter. 11. A foam Harry Potter key chain that'll look ~Siriusly~ adorable on your keys. Ari Januardi Thinking of something randomly while looking at search results (pretty much everything else) Whenever I negotiated prices with a supplier, it was very informal and very laid back. I would usually just email them along with my normal email saying something along the lines of “I have another factory offering me this product at $0.50 per unit lower than you, I may have to move to them for this specific product”, or “If you can give me $0.50 off per unit, I can sell X number of units more for you per month”, or “I am starting to do a lot more volume with you, do you think we could talk about lowering the product or shipping prices in order to account for these recent bulk orders”. offers a variety of Amazon promotional codes for everything from apparel to kitchen appliances. You can also sign up for the Amazon email list to have promotional codes and coupons sent to your inbox as they become available. Careers In Search 4.6 out of 5 stars 3,815 You can't succeed if you never try. Let’s get started today! Celeste Ng Compare|amazon best seller rank 1 Compare|amazon great sell Compare| hot new products